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    技术供需Technology Transfer



    本栏 欢迎 国内外 非金属矿领域科技人员和企业同仁发布技术成果或技术需求简介


    在电子邮件上正文上写明:“QYIM.COM: 本人XXX 现提供技术成果或技术需求介绍文稿并同意该稿发布于qyim-cn.com, 本人确认内容真实且无知识产权、无技术和版权侵犯等问题。 姓名XXX  单位AAA  手机:NNNNNNNNNNN     YYYY年YY月YY 日”



    ——周春晖  诚邀


    青阳非金属矿研究院 系 非企业型、公益型的科技机构, 全力携手非金属矿及相关领域的学者、科学研究人员、企业技术人员等,共同促进和提升非金属矿及相关领域的科学研究、技术开发、成果转化、应用推广、科普、教育及相关文化建设。

    本网站 各栏目 均 欢迎 非金属矿物及相关领域专家学者 等赐稿并发布于本网。


    The QYIM and the qyim-cn.com sincerely invite you, at home and abroad, to publicize (promote) your latest technology or to issue your requirements for technology in the fields of non-metallic minerals and related areas. The text can be written in Chinese, English or in both Chinese and English.
    Please follow the example below to prepare the document and please e-mail to qyimcn@126.com as an attached word file.
    The SUBJECT of your E-mail should read: "Technology, For QYIM.COM to publicize."
    The main body of your E-mail reads,
    "To:  QYIM-CN.COM,
    Here I (full name) provide a brief introduction to promotion of my new technology (or my requirements for technology), and I agree that it is published in qyim-cn.com. I confirm that there are no any infringements of intellectual property rights, copyright and laws.”

    Full name and affiliations,
    email: -------- Mobile Phone #                 


    Thank you very much.
    QYIM and qyim-cn.com

    QYIM: A non-profit  R&D institution dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the sciences and technologies of minerals and related areas.
                                          -------------CH ZHOU

    示例 EXAMPLE

    标题 (Title)

    简要标题(重要:限11字,以便主页显示!Running Titile)

    1    成果特点及主要技术指标 ( Background and Specification)


    2    技术创新之处 ( Novelty)


    3   技术成熟程度 ( Probality of Commercialzation)


    4   市场前景与经济效益 (Potential Market and Profits)


    5   技术或产品应用领域 ( (Applications and Fields)

    7 . 投产条件 ( Requirements  for Commercialization)


    6   合作方式 (Ways of collaboration)


    联系: 青阳非金属矿研究院 qyimcn@126.com 或   姓名XXX  单位AAA  手机:NNNNNNNNNNN 



    联系我们 Contact